16 Timeless Style Sezane Outfits for Autumn 2022

Sezane outfits for Autumn 2022

Timeless style doesn’t have to come with silly designer price tags, which hopefully I’m proving today with all my favourite Sezane outfits for Autumn 2022. This is probably one of, if not my favourite ever French brand and in my humble opinion they just get everything spot on. While they’re not ‘cheap cheap’ their prices never get silly, I guess pretty much high-end of the high street. I love the attention to detail, the quality, the Parisian style twist.

From on trend bright and bold tailoring to snuggly merino knits. Timeless silk shirts to the perfect Autumn Winter coat there should be a little something for everyone. Obviously you don’t need to have everything I have in my wardrobe but hopefully these outfit ideas will give you some inspiration to style old pieces in new ways.

So it’s with great pleasure that I’m sharing all my new in Sezane outfits for Autumn 2022 with today’s haul.

I have linked all the items I’m wearing below and included the haul video if you’d like to see the outfit in motion.

Watch my new Sezane Haul and see the outfit ideas in motion:)

Whether you’re looking for outfit ideas and inspiration or wanting to add a couple of new pieces to your Autumn 2022 I can highly advise you take a peek at Sezane. The new collection just oozes class, the craftsmanship is always impeccable and it all comes with that undeniable French twist I love so much.

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Thank you so much for reading/watching:) I really hope you’ve found this post helpful for creating your own outfits this Autumn. Big hugs, Jess x



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