30 Stylish High Street Pieces For Autumn 2022 | New in edit

Stylish high street pieces | Autumn 2022

While I’m not a fan of the cold, the newest arrivals in store have definitely got me excited about the season ahead. So I thought I’d share 30 stylish high street pieces for Autumn 2022 that are making me will on the change of the seasons.

I’ll be talking about all the big fashion trends for 2022 soon on my channel but for now think about adding in form fitting sweater dresses, paired with oversized blazers and finished with long opera style gloves and you’ll be on the right track. We’re still retaining that masculine silhouette, but this season it’s about creating contrasts. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves underneath!

Like always, I’ll be focusing on pieces that may give a nod to the trends but will be hugely wearable and versatile in my wardrobe for years to come. I have a shopping list…and I’m determined to try and stick to it! Feel free to remind me of that;)

I’ll often save my pennies and opt for timeless pieces in the highest quality I can afford. While this is an investment in the beginning, I’ve found it always pays off in the end. These are the pieces I wear on repeat, so my cost per wear comes down pretty quickly and the joy of wearing a beautifully made piece is always worth the pennies.

I really hope this Autumn edit has given you and few ideas and outfit inspiration for the season ahead and as always i’d love to hear your favourites in the comments below?

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Thanks for stopping by, big hugs, Jess x


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