How to look chic in hot weather | Summer outfits 2022


Today I am sharing all my favourite Summer outfits 2022 and tips for how to look chic in hot weather. While it is harder to balance elegant style and comfort when the hot weather arrives, hopefully today’s video shows it’s not impossible at all. Just a few simple tweaks here and there, buy your fabrics and your shapes wisely and save this video to refer back to all the tips if you wish. Chic and timeless in the hot weather, hopefully made easy. 

Who else is day dreaming, daily it feels, about their Summer holidays? If you’re jetting off somewhere hot or heading to the city, let me know what your summer essentials are? How do you stay cool yet stylish? It’s a delicate art, for sure!

Thank you so much for watching my elegant and timeless summer outfits and how you can create that perfect hot weather style. As always I really hope you enjoyed the video and it’s given you lots of outfit ideas and inspiration.

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Have a great week, Jess x


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