Top 100 Vacation Outfits for 2022, Ultimate Holiday Outfit Edit.

Vacation Outfits 2022

Me and Summer are the best of friends, it’s quite probably my favourite season of all:) So it’s with great pleasure that I’m sharing my top 100 vacation outfits for 2022 with my ultimate holiday outfit edit. Shopping the high street, the designers, the independents and beyond, there’s something for all shapes, sizes and budgets. All you need to add, is the beach.

I had the most fun searching for swimwear, I do love a beautifully made swimsuit. And it’s one of those items I don’t mind investing in, when I find the right one of course. If I’m going to be exposing the majority of my body on a beach somewhere this Summer, I’m going to give it it’s best shot with one amazing swimsuit! Always a great diversion tactic from my wobbly bits;)

Sunglasses are also high on my budget list mainly as I tend to keep them for years. I’ve recently invested in a new pair from my favourite Cutler and Gross, the last pair lasted me 15 years!

And this year I also fancy splashing out on one of these amazing cover-ups I keep finding along the way. The Greek Goddess Alexandra Miro one currently topping the list. It’s pricey yes, but if you can’t look and feel a little bit ‘extra’ around the pool then when can you!

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Thanks so much for reading this post, I hope it’s given you lots of holiday outfit ideas wherever you will be spending your vacation this year. Big hugs, Jess x

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