5 Reasons Why The New In Sezane Winter Collection Is Their Best Yet

5 Reasons Why The New In Sezane Winter Collection Is Their Best Yet

Sezane lovers rejoice, the new in Winter collection has finally arrived. And boy did they save the best until last! So here’s 5 reasons why I’m thinking they’ve excelled themselves this season and the Sezane Winter pieces I had to add to basket! Plus there’s more outfit ideas packed into this video than baubles on a Christmas tree so hopefully lots of outfit inspiration for you too.

I’ve been a big fan of the Parisian brand Sezane for a long time now and I can hand on heart say it is one of my favourite French style fashion brands out there. So I thought you mind enjoy reading/watching my pick of the Winter 2021 range and the reasons why it’s hitting all the right spots.

I would also like to point out this post is not an ad, just a genuine appreciation for a fashion brand standing out above the crowd. And one I truly believe in.

The mood

After the best part of 2 years being stuck in our houses Sezane seem to know all too well we’re all ready to celebrate life! And have gone all out this Winter to do just that. Colour block upon colour block with great splashes of green, pinks and blues. A hint of sparkle for Christmas, even if that means kitchen discos for another year, we’re going to be doing it in style! And all the while with that undercurrent of enviable chic French style many of us love so much.

Sezane Winter | 2021 | Parisian style
Sezane Celina Frilled blouse

The shapes

Just one look at the Sezane Winter collection and it’s fairly easy to see it’s been designed by a woman for real women to wear. They seem to instinctively know our insecurities, the parts of ourselves we’d rather not highlight, or me at least! And I love that. The jackets just that perfect length to flatter my hips, the blouses unbutton just low enough to give a hint of sexiness rather than feeling on display. A puffed shoulder or too to balance out my figure. Those details may seem insignificant but trust me when you put those outfits together it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Fabric content

When I shop these days high one my list of requirements would be the fabric content of any given piece. I talk about it a lot on my channel and with good reason. The fabric you choose to wear and spend your hard earned pennies on will make a huge difference. Not only to what that item feels like but how long it’ll last too. Sezane have always been a pretty sustainable fashion brand but with every collection they launch, they become even more so. Organic cotton jeans, recycled knitwear, ethically sourced cashmere, the list goes on.

Sezane Winter | 2021 | Parisian style
Sezane Angie Cardigan


Despite talking about Sezane’s love of a beautiful silk or merino yarn they always manage to keep their price point fair, honest and affordable. I know the term affordable is vastly different from one person to the next but knowing first hand how much it costs to manufacture items like this, there’s no insane mark ups to accept. Yes they’re investment pieces to many, but I sincerely doubt anyone could regret buying a blouse for instance that they know they could wear in 10 or 15 years time.


The fashion world is a very competitive arena. So many clothes, so many beautiful brands. But the ones that stand out for me are the brands that refuse to follow the pack. This Winter they’re leading the way down they’re own path and they invite us along for a stroll. And it’s that creativity, that sprinkle of originality that they bring to every collection that gets me really excited. I have a love of neutral tones for instance and far from being boring Sezane manage to add their own creative spin to the pieces to make sure they’re anything but. An ecru blouse is never just an ecru blouse. It’s a hand stitched, lace trimmed, French seamed, embroidered creation that I could imagine passing down to a daughter in years to come! But alas I have a house full of boys but you get the idea. I’ve always been one to celebrate the differences and originality in life and Sezane leads the way in this area.

Thank you so much for reading/watching this post and I really hope it’s explained why I think Sezane is always worth my hard earned pennies. Plus of course I hope all those outfits in the video have given you some ideas and inspiration of how to style Winter 2021.

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Big hugs everyone, have a great week. Jess x

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