How to build a Capsule Wardrobe for Autumn 2021

Capsule Wardrobe Autumn 2021

The key essentials I’ll be reaching for this Autumn and the tips I follow to build my perfect capsule wardrobe.

We’ve all heard of a capsule wardrobe, but is the concept really viable for modern day living? The answer in my humble opinion is a big fat yes! Not only is it incredibly easy to build a capsule wardrobe but it’ll save you money, makes getting dressed each morning so much easier and it’s far better for the planet along the way.

So I thought you might enjoy watching this video where I selected those key pieces I would choose this Autumn. The essentials I will have on my rail and if I could only choose 26 pieces, what would they be and how would I style them? This is what I chose…

I really hope you’ve found this video helpful and it’s give you a good idea not only how to build a capsule wardrobe yourself but a little insight into the key trends to look out for this Autumn 2021.

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Thanks so much for reading/watching and feel free to get in touch with your own methods to creating the perfect capsule closet. Jess x

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