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Parisian Style Outfit Ideas | French Women Chic

Parisian Style Outfit Ideas | Fashion and Style Edit

I really hope you enjoy this Lookbook and it gives you a few outfit ideas for when you want to create a timeless Parisian style this 2021. French women in general, ooze natural style, but there’s certainly a few tips and tricks that can help emulate that look. Confidence is key and feeling comfortable in your outfits can give you a big boost. Try to buy pieces that really suit your shape and you can imagine wearing in 5 years time. If an outfit makes you feel amazing, chances are that’s how it’ll look too:)

So in today’s video you’ll find lots of outfit ideas, styling tips and tricks that I use when I want to add a little Parisian style to my outfits.

You’ll notice in this video the running theme to creating that infamous French Women chic would be natural and effortless. French women never look like they’ve tried too hard. Note the keyword there ‘look’. They might well have spent an age getting ready but they wouldn’t want anyone to notice that! Everything has that perfectly undone feel to it. They just threw on that dress, a smudge of lipstick and grabbed a handbag as they ran out the door;) Anything too contrived or forced will not look effortless. So keep your styling elegant, refined and sophisticated and your outfits will thank you for it later.

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Thanks so much for watching my Parisian style outfit ideas, all the best Jess x

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