How To Style Neutrals | Effortlessly

how to style neutrals | Effortlessly

Neutrals may be particularly on trend for this Spring/Summer 2021 but in reality they’ve always been something I reach for when I want to inject a little effortless style. Without a doubt, the neutral pieces in my own capsule wardrobe always make me feel elegant, polished and effortlessly chic whether they were budget buys or designer. And that’s really the joy of neutrals, they always elevate an outfit. In today’s video I’m taking a deep dive into how to style neutrals. In the most effortlessly chic fashion possible.

The tips and tricks I use in my styling, the things I always consider when putting outfits together and the best places I’ve found to shop for all different occasions. A lot of my thought process is centred around the quality of the pieces I use. If you’ve followed my channel for a while you’ll know I’m not obsessed with designer fashion just for the sake of it. Quality can absolutely be found on the High Street too, it’s just a matter of searching for it. Or let me do the searching for you:)

We all love effortless style, personally that’s my aim with any outfit I create and neutrals really help me along the way to achieving that look. It shouldn’t feel stressful either, just keep adding in pieces, playing in front of the mirror and taking pieces away until you feel you’ve got the balance right. You’ll know deep down when you’re there. So much of fashion is wrapped up in the confidence of the wearer, so trust your gut. Sometimes we get it wrong but I’d say 99% of the time I know deep down when something feels effortless and stylish.

So hopefully this video will give you lots of outfit ideas and inspiration for how to style neutrals you may already have in your own wardrobe and even better, dispel some of those myths that ‘neutrals are boring’. In my humble opinion, they’re anything but!

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Thanks so much for reading/watching and have a lovely week, Jess x

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