8 Timeless Spring Outfits at FARFETCH | New in 2021

Spring Outfits at FARFETCH | Fashion and Style Edit

I’m a big fan of effortless, timeless style. I’d say in the last few years it’s become my new way to shop, certainly when it comes to investment pieces. So I thought you’d enjoy seeing the Spring outfits I shopped at Farfetch recently that have that classic, timeless edge but still feel like I’m following the 2021 fashion trends at the same time.

While I don’t believe you need to spend a fortune to look chic there are certain pieces I’m happy to spend more on to find the perfect version. Those pieces that I know in 5 years time will still look as good as new in my wardrobe and never really go out of fashion. Thinking not only about the quality of the fabric and how the items been made but also the cut and shape of that piece. Always asking myself will it date or stand the test of time? Is it the perfect Spring outfit for 2021 but will it also work in 2026?

You and I for that matter, work hard for our pennies, you want to make sure they work hard for you in your wardrobe.

So that bought me to Farfetch, my ‘go to’ destination to find all of my favourite brands under one roof. From the sustainable collections with their Positive Edit to the high end designers for that perfect investment ‘never gets old’ handbag. I must admit I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I shop on FARFETCH. I always find far too much to add to basket and have to edit it down to suit my budget!

But for this video I settled on an edit that I knew wholeheartedly ticked the ‘timeless spring outfit’ box perfectly. The classic Summer dress, one stunning trench coat, feminine mid heels, vintage sunglasses that I know I’ll have forever not to mention ticking the floral trend box with a top that fits like a glove. In short, one beautiful collection of effortless fashion that’s taken pride of place in my Spring wardrobe.

To give you even more outfit ideas I also decided to style each piece 3 ways to really give you an idea just how versatile they are. I’d love to hear your favourite piece I chose and also your favourite way I styled it?

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Thanks so much for reading/watching I really hope I’ve given you a little outfit inspiration for the season ahead. Jess x

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