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9 Classy and Effortlessly Chic Outfit Ideas

9 classy and effortlessly chic outfit ideas

That I’m wearing on repeat this Spring 2021:) I’ve been shopping my wardrobe a lot recently and managing to create so many new outfit ideas which are both classy and also I hope channelling that effortlessly chic style I love so much. Effortless chic feels like a fashion genre all by itself but I think what the term really means for me is about quality basics. And when I say quality, that doesn’t have to mean expensive. They’re are some great high street brands and Independents creating really lovely pieces at the moment, it’s just a matter of finding them.

So in the video below I’m sharing 9 outfit ideas that feel really classy and effortlessly chic and because of that, I’ve been wearing them on rotation for the last couple of months! Many of the outfit ideas featured are pretty transitional, and equally very easy to adapt should you be fortunate to get a warmer day than me:)

Creating the perfect effortlessly chic outfit idea has a lot to do with comfort too. Because ultimately if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will really show. You can see it on your face, the way you stand, your mannerisms even, all tell tale signs that someone isn’t hugely comfortable in their outfit. And it’s a topic that’s often overlooked. I’m particularly bad for choosing heels that I know 100% will kill my feet, and yet I do it anyway? Only to spend half an evening hobbling round in them trying to ‘suffer for my fashion’:/ But the outfits that truly make me feel elevated, classy and effortlessly chic are always the ones where I’ve put comfort high up on the list.

I really hope you enjoy this video and it gives you some inspiration to create outfit ideas from your own wardrobe. Feel free to take a look at my ‘Fashion Edit’ of all the best pieces I’ve found on the High Street and with the Fashion Designers recently. You can shop the edit here https://www.fashionandstyleedit.com/shop-the-edit

If you’re not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, and you like the way I put outfits together, it’d be lovely if you’d like to, just click here https://bit.ly/30UlDX2

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