Shop my Capsule Wardrobe | With Genevieve Sweeney


Shop my wardrobe, 5 Capsule Wardrobe outfit ideas with Genevieve Sweeney. An interview with the celebrated British knitwear Designer about all her favourite pieces in her capsule closet.

With a combination of Zoom, iPhones and cameras we just about managed to pull this interview together and it was so lovely to chat with Genevieve:) Discovering those pieces she has in her close she’ll never part with, her perfect date night outfit, her most worn work from home style and of course all her favourite pieces from her own collection.

If you’ve followed my channel for a while you’ll know I do love a good chit chat, so it felt natural to incorporate a monthly interview style video onto my channel. I love to hear peoples stories, where they come from and what lead them to where they are today? I find it inspiring and I especially love to hear peoples passion for what they do.

While I do shop on the High Street I also love to support independent designers. They’re often creating hugely original designs and yet don’t have the budget to publicise their collections like the bigger brands. Less pr budget perhaps but no less creativity and often far more so it’s a pleasure to shine a light on their collections.

I really hope you enjoy this video and taking a peek inside Genevieve’s wardrobe. Once lockdown’s finished I’d love to do a catch up of these interviews in person but for now we’ll have to stick with a virtual option:) Let me know some ideas of who’d you’d like me to interview in this series?

Big hugs everyone and thanks so much for watching. x

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