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Sustainable Fashion, 10 Outfit Ideas with Everlane

sustainable fashion, 10 outfit ideas at Everlane

I’d like to think I was always really conscious about the clothes I bought but I don’t think that’s really true. When I look back at my early 20s it was one fast fashion piece after another, sustainable fashion wasn’t even on my radar.

Back then (and I’m not that old but still) sustainable or ethical fashion was seen as a bit of a novelty. There was so little choice and the collections were always considerably more expensive. Certainly far too expensive for a 20 something spending most of her wages on nights out with friends!

Fast forward to my 30s and it saw me reading every wash care label attached, scouring the fabric content with a fine tooth comb. I’m now 41 and the turnaround on sustainable fashion has been dramatic to say the least. The choice first of all is incredible, so may beautiful brands choosing to make their collections far more consciously. The price point has thankfully dropped too, be it for the cash strapped 20 year old or the 40 something working Mum. There is quite rightly, something for everyone.

But above all else I’ve noticed our collective attitude has changed. Not only do we deserve more than a £300 polyester dress, but we’re standing up and demanding it. Brands that were used to fobbing us off with any old fabric have had to stand up and be counted or run the risk of going bust. Now we’re all checking the fabric content and expecting far more for our pennies.

One brand that rose to this challenge way back in 2010 is Everlane. They’re shining a bright light on sustainability and ethical fashion and doing it in style. Which is why I come back to them time and time again and why I’m very proud to work with them.

So in this video I chose a few Winter outfits and a couple of pieces I thought would be great as we transition into Spring. It’s a little mixture really but one that I felt ticked a few boxes of pieces I was missing for my own capsule wardrobe.

I really hope you enjoy all the outfit ideas I put together and as always I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section?

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All the best, Jess x 

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