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Everlane Winter outfits | How to look chic when it’s cold

Everlane Winter 2020

Looking chic in Winter outfits is never easy. And while the idea of wrapping yourself up in a puffer coat is tempting, and something I do often, there are other ways to look chic in cold weather.

I’m a huge fan of Everlane. I love their commitment to sustainability but they’re also one of my first choices to go to for those high quality pieces. Pieces that I can layer and know will keep out the cold on a freezing Winter’s day.

I tend to think mostly about the fabrics I’m reaching for rather than the thickness or amount of those layers. Finding high quality basics in the right fabrics for cold weather will always see you well.

So in this video I’m sharing how to look chic when it’s cold with some beautiful new in pieces at Everlane. I really hope you like all the outfits I put together and I’d love to hear your favourites?

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