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Christmas Gift Ideas |Gift Guide 2020

christmas gift ideas 2020

I do love Christmas shopping. Normally I’d make a weekend of it. Head down to London with the boys, see the Christmas lights and between coffees and cake stops come home with armfuls of presents for everyone. It’s one of my favourite traditions:)

Of course this year is different:/ I’m not even going to go there what an arse 2020 has been, I’ll just feel safe in the knowledge that it’s so nearly over! And where I lacked in mulled wine and Christmas lights I certainly made up for up present ideas! I found so many gift ideas I ran out of people to buy them for!

So I really hope you enjoy this video and it gives you lots of Christmas gift ideas for her, for him, for children, stocking fillers and for everything and everyone in between!

Big hugs, Jess x


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