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Loungewear Edit | Comfy, Stylish & Elegant Casual Outfits

So I finally got round to a loungewear haul! Sorry, it took me a while but I got there eventually. Actually I feel like I’ve been living in loungewear these last few days. David put his back out so I’ve been doing my best nurse impression while cosied up in the house. And yes, he’s totally milking it!

So lots of gorgeous cosy, stylish and elegant pieces to share with you today that I tend to reach for on a daily basis once I’ve finished work.

I do also think creating the perfect loungewear is like creating the perfect attack on the senses. Not only how that loungewear looks and feels against my skin, but what does it smell like too. It sounds like a middle aged shout out but the washing powder, fabric softener and how you iron and take care of your clothes will all help to create the perfect feeling we’re all after:)

Anyhow, I shall stop waffling now! I really hope you enjoy the video and I’d love to hear your favourite casual outfits I styled? Big hugs, Jess x

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