How to Look Expensive on a budget


All my favourite style tips and outfit ideas for putting the elegance and class back into Autumn Winter 2020.

How to look classy truly begins from within like any good style, but there’s also a few tricks and styling tips I reach for when I want to make my outfit look a little more elevated, polished and inevitably expensive.

I rarely buy super high end designers, not because I don’t like them but they’re out of budget for me to buy too often. Besides which, I’d never want to be dressed head to toe in labels:/

I truly believe we can all look classy, elegant and chic in something from the affordable end of the High Street, it’s just a matter of choosing wisely.

So I thought it’d be fun and helpful to compile all those styling tips I use into today’s video:) Thanks so much for watching, I hope you find it useful. x

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how to look expensive
how to look expensive

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