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Holiday Outfits | What I wore in Crete

Somewhere between Greece opening up for travel and reaching breaking point with our house renovation we booked a last minute family holiday to Crete. And so the holiday outfits panic began!

A bit like a girls night out, the getting ready is usually part of the fun. I plan out my outfits, consider if they’ll mix and match, how much wear can I get out of one piece? But 2020 is different. Well 2020 is just plain crazy so with literally days to go, my usual obsessive pre holiday ironing and outfit planning was thrown out the window and instead clothes were grabbed from my rail and hastily thrown in a suitcase.

With my stylist head working overtime, it wasn’t until I plonked that suitcase in the hotel room I realised what I’d taken to work with. 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 pair of trousers and an unusually high volume of bras and tops for one week? But hey, nothing like being prepared!

Thankfully somewhere in the madness I’d thrown in a few favourite Summer dresses so it was time to see what I could do with this haphazard collection of clothes for one lovely week in the sun.

We were so lazy, as you can probably tell in this video! Pool, beach, restaurant and repeat. Absolute bliss. And I even squeezed in a massage which I didn’t think I’d have been able to say this year!

It was a treat all round but more than anything it was so nice to get the boys off their xbox, out in the fresh air and having some family fun.

Thanks as always for watching and all your lovely support. I don’t know about other creators but I feel like I’ve got the nicest group of subscribers on here that I love chatting with:) So thank you, for being you! See you Sunday everyone and hope you all have a great week x

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