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capsule wardrobe | shop with me jigsaw

Styling capsule wardrobe essentials at Jigsaw Fashion for this Summer 2020. Shop with me as I take a closer look at the High Street stores new collection. Classic, elegant and chic outfit ideas, wardrobe essentials that are made to last:) I’d love to hear your favourites?


I really hope you like this shop with me. I really love their collections and like I mention in the video everything I’ve ever bought from them has always lasted so well.

I always thought of Jigsaw when I’m looking for elegant, high quality staples but in actual fact doing this edition made me realise just how much more they had to offer. You really could create a capsule wardrobe from their collection alone which is quite amazing! But also adding in on trend pieces made from beautiful fabrics. Essentially it’s a great all rounder from the high street that really suits that effortless chic style.

As always, thank you so much for all your support. It’s always appreciated:) And I’d love to hear what your favourite piece that I found in store? Jess x

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