look chic in the heat

My favourite hot weather outfits and fabrics I choose for staying chic when it’s hot.

I should start this by saying I’m a big fan of the heat. Give me a beach and the ocean any day of the week and I’m one happy woman. But there’s a few things that can threaten to spoil my moment in the sun. Humid hair anyone?!

So I thought it’d be helpful to address all the elements that can get in the way of the perfect day in the sun and the style tips and tricks I use to combat them. My favourite hot weather outfits and a little inspiration you can take away and translate with your own wardrobe.

Staying chic in the heat can be tricky. Choose the wrong fabric and even a Maldives beach would feel miserable! But hopefully I’ve given you lots of ideas in this video for the perfect hot weather outfits, fabrics and shapes to look for when shopping this Summer 2020.

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