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style secrets | styling with confidence

Styling from the inside out, my 6 style secrets I’ve learnt along the way to make me feel more confident about my style and what I love to wear.

Today I really wanted to focus on styling from the inside out. What makes you feel good and how to show a little confidence wearing it. Even if that means faking it like I did until you truly believe it! Social anxiety can feel painful in the moment, but it’s totally possible to overcome.

How to always look good really starts from within. True style is a feeling, not an outfit.

It’s that ‘special something’ we often see on stylish women. Obviously the clothes we choose can help us to feel more stylish, but only if it’s your true personal style. Hopefully this video will give you a sprinkle of confidence to embrace who you are and what you want to project to everyone else.

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What’s your foolproof outfit that always makes you feel confident or gives you that much needed spring in your step? Or maybe you’ve got your own tips you the other subscribers would find helpful? It’s good to share:) Big hugs, Jess x

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