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How to dress Boho Style

how to dress boho style

How to dress boho chic. Creating my bohemian style outfits with a try on haul.

I love supporting independent brands, especially when I find ones creating really original and unique collections. Many pieces in the Lisa Taylor collection are one of a kind, made from recycled silks and kantha fabrics. Giving any boho outfit and extra level of authenticity.

Like I mention in the video you don’t have to go all out boho style, you could just add a sprinkle of it to your outfit, a kimono, a scarf etc and it have the same effect. Mixing and matching styles, tones and patterns with a carefree nature. Not just with boho chic, but with any look, just wear what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself and that confidence will shine through:)

Thanks so much for watching and I’d love to hear what you thought of these outfit ideas in the comments below?

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