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6 Items 12 Outfit Ideas

12 outfit ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a whole other way to wear an item. Certainly with maxi dresses. Which I find such a shame. But, if like me you have a wardrobe full of gorgeous dresses you tend to save for that special occasion I think you may find this video helpful:)

When I think of styling an item I like to think outside the box, turning traditional styling on it’s head so to speak and essentially encourage my wardrobe to work harder for me.

Long dresses needn’t be just your perfect Wedding Guest outfit, why save that beautiful fabric and design you love so much for once or twice a year? I’d style it as a skirt and show off the design and print in a more understated way.

Silk for instance, which I talk about in this video, is one of my favourite fabrics. It’s beautiful against my irritated skin and of course looks luxurious. But we often think of silk pieces just for night and nearly always for a special occasion. I love to wear silk in the daytime, and especially through Summer because contrary to opinion it’s actually an incredibly breathable fabric. Just like pure cotton and linen. One of my go to looks would be a great pair of jeans and a beautiful 100% silk camisole. It’s laidback and chic in that perfectly understated fashion I love so much.

So I do hope you find this video helpful and it gives you a little inspiration how to get more out of your Capsule Wardrobe. We invest a lot of time, energy and not to mention money in our wardrobes, it seems a shame not to get the best out of it! Jess x


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