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Vacation Haul | Fashion Over 40

fashion over 40

Finally, we decided where to go for our Summer Holidays. All I had on my wish list was 30 degrees and activities for kids. When you search ‘world’ on Love Holidays you can be there for a while!

So with much excitement we booked into a Greco Hotel in Crete. It looks an incredible resort for families, especially for 3 very active boys. Football, tennis, volleyball even a DJ lesson camp so I think they’ll be happy. All I need is a lounger, sun, sea breeze and a good book. The spa is a major bonus though!

Next on the agenda was of course, what on earth am I going to wear? Husband rolls his eyes at the amount clothes falling out of my wardrobe but still, a holidays not a holiday if you don’t have that special something to wear.

Holiday fashion shopping has to be one of my favourite past times. Aside from the fact it’s my favourite season, in another life I’d have definitely been a surfer girl! Or maybe the girl that just watches the surf too busy sunbathing to get on a board but you get the idea.

I’m not precious where my vacation fashion comes from, if I find the perfect piece in Oxfam well then happy days to that. And like I’ve mentioned before, fashion over 40 shouldn’t really be much different to fashion over 20. Wear what makes you feel good and gives you a little spring in your step. That’s the perfect over 40 style for me.

So I did a little shop and found a whole host of gorgeous outfits perfect for my vacation. Accessories I can’t head to the beach without and coverups that were like little gems in a high street saturated with kaftans.

As always I’d love to know what you think to my Vacation Haul and if you’re not already subscribed to my channel, well that would be lovely too:) Jess x

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