10 Simple Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

10 years younger

My Skincare routine and Makeup hacks for younger looking skin.

Who doesn’t want to look younger? We’re all the same. But where I’d say with fashion you should absolutely forget the concept of ‘ Dress your age ‘ which I dislike, just dress in what makes you feel stylish and good about yourself:) But when it comes to beauty and makeup I’m all for trying out a few makeup hacks and simple tips that can make me look younger. Naturally.

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My Outfit I’m Wearing:
Very similar Kimono UK: http://bit.ly/2VyFqwl or http://bit.ly/2HlV1p7
Very similar Kimono USA & Canada Link: http://bit.ly/2HlbD03 or http://bit.ly/2HlV1p7

H&M V neck silk camisole sold out but here’s a great alternative: http://bit.ly/2H1ecV0
USA Alternative: http://bit.ly/2H3PpzA

My Jeans I love: http://bit.ly/2vprllx
My Jeans USA & Canada: http://bit.ly/2DCQL3p

Foam Cleanser I use:
UK Link: http://bit.ly/2Hm7mtx
USA & Canada Link: http://bit.ly/2VyGoZv

Oil Cleanser
UK: http://bit.ly/2HmlEKG
USA: http://bit.ly/2HmlG5g

UK: http://bit.ly/2VyRgXk
USA: http://bit.ly/2HjAQYU

My Moisturiser I love
UK Link: http://bit.ly/2VBKDn6
USA & Canada Link: http://bit.ly/2VxSX7r

Eye Cream: http://bit.ly/2Htd64O

Eyebrow Thickener similar product: http://bit.ly/2VCelZd
Eyebrow thickener USA http://bit.ly/2HtfiJA There are cheaper versions but the ingredient that really helps promote hair growth is Biotin.

UK: My Foundation I love: http://bit.ly/2H7f6iI
USA: My Foundation I love: http://bit.ly/2E9ca4J

UK: Concealer: http://bit.ly/2VyMedk
USA: Concealer I have this in Ginger tone: http://bit.ly/2HgEmnT

UK Highlighter: http://bit.ly/2H4Lu5K
USA: Highlighter: http://bit.ly/2Q2sqsO

UK: Nars Bronzer: http://bit.ly/2VlrK7F
USA: Nars Bronzer, I have this in the Laguna tone: http://bit.ly/2YvOPSy

UK: I love this bath soak: http://bit.ly/2Q1UIDS
USA: My favourite Bath Soak http://bit.ly/2Q1UIDS

All Other Makeup by Deck Of Scarlet
All Eyeshadows
Eyeliner- I use eyeshadow instead of a pencil and used the Bronzed tone in the Deck of Scarlet pallet.
Highlighter Rockstar Bronzer
All over Highlighting stick
Blush- Lovesick

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10 Simple Beauty Tips To Look 10 Years Younger


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