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Testing Mom Jeans

New on our YouTube Channel we are testing the best Mom Jeans from the High Street this Spring/Summer 2019.

Love it or hate it, they’re going nowhere fast, so we decided to search the High St for the best pairs we could find and these are our favourites.

Do let us know which were your favourites, or maybe you’ve found a great pair elsewhere, do let us know:)

I can be funny about Jeans to be honest. Too high waisted and I feel uncomfortable and that my hips look too big. Too low waisted and I feel like a 17 year old without the figure to match! No-one likes love handles popping over the top of their jeans:/

So I think it’s a fine line to finding the right pair for you. Now with Mom Jeans it’s been a mission to say the least in finding the perfect pair. And I must have tried at least 2 from every single High Street store. It’s important to remember also that not every single trend is going to suit you. Sometimes it just won’t work on your body shape/height etc. That’s where I thought I’d got to with Mom Jeans. I love them on other people but I just couldn’t find a pair that looked flattering on me.

So I set myself a mission to find the perfect pair and I’ve surprised in finding a few pairs I actually think are quite flattering on my shape. Hopefully, we’ve take the legwork out of your search for the perfect pair of Mom Jeans.

As ever thank you so much for watching. We are SO grateful for all your support. Very nearly at that 10K subscriber mark, which in fairness we are totally shocked yet ecstatic about. So genuinely, thank you so much for finding our channels.

Love, Jess x


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