The Trainer Edit | Get your kicks

The Trainer Edit | Get your kicks

I’m all for suffering for my fashion. I won’t think twice about wearing ridiculous skinny heels to dance the night away in. If you saw our ‘What’s in my Closet’ video on Youtube you’ll also see I seemingly don’t even mind if they are my actual size! I fall in love with heels, and when a UK6 isn’t available, well then I’ll just buy the 4 instead!

Which is probably why when I’m not ‘out out’ I give my feet a little therapy and wear trainers instead. A lot! Actually, I think I’ve developed a bit of a trainer obsession of late that shows no signs of waning. So I thought I’d give you a little rundown of some of my favourites I’ve found this season. Some I have, some I’m just lusting after but they’re all pretty lovely and won’t cause permanent damage to your feet! Which is always a bonus I guess.

Hope you like them lovelies and as always let me know what you think? Best wishes, Jess x


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