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What to wear + How to style it

Exciting news!!! Not only do we love creating beautiful fragrances, but as you’ve probably gathered we love all things fashion + style too:)

Summer dress by Munthe

So we decided to start filming our own Youtube channel where we can talk about all the things we love and all the beautiful collections we’ve found along the way.

We will be talking all the latest fashion trends and how to style them, learning how to do the latest makeup styles, from catwalk to high street and everything in between and not forgetting highlights of our gorgeous Lara Quin collections.

The Spring/Summer 18 collection of Kimono’s at Zara are gorgeous. 

Essentially, myself and one of my lovely best friends are having a good girly chit chat and we’d love you to invite you along:)

Ciao Tee by Bella Freud at Blessed Fashions.

Here’s a sneak peek/blooper for you with Episode one coming very soon. And don’t forget to subscribe so we can let you know as soon as we launch!

Watch our sneak peek/blooper… I promise the giggle fits only happen once in a while! x

In my humble opinion, fashion should never be intimidating, it should be fun. Playing with styles until you find what suits you. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great, nor should the size in the label matter. I just cut out the labels I don’t want to see!! You just need to find what suits you and wear it with confidence. 

Jess x 


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