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Modern Barn Conversion | Interior Inspiration

With a mild Crittall Windows obsession!

After spending the best part of 10 years doing up ramshackle, yet gorgeous old buildings to make a home, I’ve succumbed and I’m finally buying a new one! I think I’ve paid my debt to society restoring the odd Grade 11 listed building and to be perfectly honest the nostalgia of the whole affair has pretty much disappeared. 

Anyone who’s restored an old building will know, you begin full of vision of what you could turn your falling down masterpiece into. You see things others can’t see. The raised eyebrows, the ‘are you sure’ comments? Of course, are never listened to:/ You have a complete vision of what it will look like and you’re prepared to put in the blood sweat and tears to make it happen. 

And then, you realise. Somewhere between the ceiling falling down and the astronomical sash window quote, that you did in fact buy a money pit. 

So it’s time for a new adventure, to a home that won’t require my less than dreadful DIY skills and the most effort I have to put into the ‘build’ will be what colour to have on my walls!

The new found adventure is actually next door, I’m all about making this move the easiest possible! It’s not strictly new new, an 18th century barn that’s sat derelict for many years, but with wide open spaces, beautiful high ceilings and a team of builders doing the entire thing, it’s exactly what I need.

It’s a one level Barn in an L shape. Bedrooms and bathrooms down one end and living down the other. The main living area is just one wide open space of kitchen, dining and living with big sliding doors that overlook the garden so I’ve been tackling how to decorate this space without it feeling cold or office like? 

I love interiors, and as you’ve probably gathered from the style of Lara Quin I’m pretty feminine, but I think a balance of masculine with elegant feminine touches for my home would be perfect.  

I liked the idea of Polished Concrete floors for the main open kitchen living area. They are a bit expensive but with three rough and tumble boys I’m telling myself it’s actually very practical;) I’ve looked into Resin floors which are slightly cheaper or failing that huge square tiles that would give the same effect.


Just a tiny bit of Rose Gold details sneaking in there. Pinterest.

 Then to my mild obsession with Crittall Windows. Which unbelievably have been around since 1884, probably since the Barn was actually part of a working farm. I love the clean lines and contemporary feel which I’d soften with cosy interiors and naturally lots of gorgeous scented candles. The images you see on Pinterest often show Crittall windows and doors in warmer climates, the Australian’s seemingly being the first with the trend, but you don’t have to use them as exterior windows you could have them as interior dividers which I think looks beautiful. 

Image via Vosgesparis.

Crittal doors

Danish Northern Whites

Crittall Windows | Interiors inspiration

Living Etc 

Crittall steel windows can feel too industrial for some people but for me that light filled open space could then be softened with the interiors you choose to make it feel more homely. Layering cushions and throws, in a variety of textures, velvet, wool, silks and natural wood could all blend together.

I found this gorgeous marble and brass coffee table on Amode.

Cosy Wool cushion | Amara

Herringbone Cushions at Amara

Matalan Home | Velvet Cushions

Matalan have a surprisingly great, and cheap, homeware selection and I’ve bought a few of these Grey Velvet cushions.

Missoni Home | Amara | Throw

Missoni Home sofa throw Amara. 

Moooi Lights | Liberty's

I love these chandelier lights by Moooi. I’d normally say they are a little too ‘bling’ for me but when the lights off they simply look like a mirrored ceiling hanging and bring in lovely warm tones when lit.

Ottomon Tray | Kelly Hoppen

Ottoman Tray by Kelly Hoppen. 

I can’t have a display tray without a lovely Lara Quin Scented Candle there too:)

And then all that’s left would be a giant log fire. Though I can’t decide if a modern or traditional open one would look best? Answers on a postcard please!

With love




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